Top Among Us Promoters

Top Among Us Promoters 1

Recently the two year old game Among Us started soaring to new heights achieving palpable success as thousands of gamers and gaming fans from around the world started venturing into the game’s atmosphere and features.

Felix Lengyel

And one of the top gaming figures at the moment Felix Lengyel – xQc – is playing a key role in promoting Among Us right now. He is one of the most popular Twitch streamers and a well established persona in the online gaming field. Felix Lengyel – xQc – has more than three million followers and he more often than not interacts with players and fans on Twitch.

Lately he has been experimenting with the Among Us game which is currently attracting more and more attention than ever. The sudden and unexpected rise and shine of Among Us has given big names in the gaming and streaming world the chance to come together and test the features of the rising gaming name.

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Twitch streaming

Recently, Felix Lengyel – xQc – was joined by other well-known Twitch streamers including ItsSliker and HasanAbi and others to play Among Us. The gaming session was rather intense and heated and ended up with an argument between Felix Lengyel – xQc – and HasanAbi who apparently didn’t manage to grasp the style of gaming of each other.

This interesting gaming session has indeed fueled the increasing popularity of Among Us which is now competing with the biggest names in the field.


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