Famous Players of Among Us

Famous Players of Among Us 1

After the banning of pubg game Among Us became the most popular game in the world. It is the most downloaded game in the third quarter of 2020. It is the most popular game on Twitch Tv, as we know that twitch is a video live streaming website which is the subsidiary of amazon.


Top Players:

Check out our list of top 5 Among Us players around the world:


Famous Players of Among Us 2

Sodapoppin which is a Twitch Tv streamer has credit for the popularity of this game on Twitch Tv. We are discussing some more famous Twitch Tv streamers who are players of this game.


Titman the titman is a famous Twitch Tv streamer , he is a very famous Twitch Tv star and streaming since 2012, he has a large fan following over Twitch Tv. His real name is Timothy John Betar but he is famous with his alias which is Tim the Titman. Watching Time is always fun, because he is a very entertaining personality.


Ninja is another famous gamer, has popularity over the internet for his presence on YouTube, Twitch Tv etc. Real name of Ninja is Richard Tyler Belvin but he is famous with his nickname Ninja. He has been streaming over Twitch Tv since 2009. He is known as a professional gamer, he gives his full attention over this game. He is a famous personality over the internet that’s why he has a large group of people due to his popularity.

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Felix Lengyel

Famous Players of Among Us 3

Felix Lengyel is also a famous Twitch Tv star but people know him with his another name which is xQc, he is famous with this name. He is a famous streamer of Twitch Tv. He started streaming in 2016 . According to statistics provided by Twitch Tv , he is the most famous personality for playing Among Us on twitch tv.


A lady named Imane Anys is also in the list of famous Among Us players but every one knows her with his alias which is Pokimane. Pokimane is also a liver streamer and a famous personality over the internet. She has been streaming on Twitch Tv for many years. She is included in the list of 15 ambassadors for 2018 of twitchcon event; she has more than four million followers on Twitch.


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