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Get Among Us for Xbox and enjoy with your friends online. Download this amazing game today! During the course of 2020 many gaming titles and various console games managed to rise to fame rapidly as millions of people around the world devoured the gaming world during quarantine and the months-long lockdown. One of the rising names at the moment is the very famous game “Among Us” which has been around for quite some time now and prior to 2020 achieved a moderate success and popularity.


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But “Among Us” has thankfully benefited from the unexpected turn of events that happened this year and attracted the attention of millions of new fans and players including a big number of celebrities and online influencers. One of the prominent names that helped “Among Us” gain even more fame is the famous rapper Logic whose fans are now becoming followers on his Twitch account. His streams of many games, most notably “Among Us”, increased the number of new gamers from different countries. Also, Vidit Gujarathi – a chess mastermind and a well-known Indian champion – joined the Twitch platform and steamed many games including “Among Us” and “Fall Guys”. His YouTube channel has over 100,000 subscribers and he popularized “Among Us” even further in the Indian markets.

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In addition, Karan Singh, who is a famous Indian magician, is one of the celebrities who is interested in Among Us game. He took advantage of the sudden quarantine and lockdown that happened all over the world for the first half of the year and took his magic skills and tricks to the internet and the virtual world. His number of viewers increased palpably and the majority of them follow Singh’s gaming streams which take place quite often. Karan Singh streams different games regulary which consequently helped expand his fan base in India and other countries. He’s often joined by his colleague Suhani Shah and the comedian Samay Raina. So if you’re a fan of both virtual magic tricks and the gaming industry then you won’t want to miss subscribing to the channel of Karan Singh Magic who ensures to display some magical tricks during almost all of his streams.

Moreover the comedian Tanmay Bhatt is one of the main streamers of many famous gaming titles such as PUBG and “Among Us”. His popularity in the gaming world stemmed from his streams of PUBG Mobile prior to the start of 2020 lockdown. He usually streams “Among Us” with many of his friends and colleagues like Samay Raina, Suhani Shah, Karan Singh and others. Last but not least another well-known figure who joined the club of “Among Us” streamers this year is Hikaru Nakamura. He is a chess mastermind and his Twitch streams of multiple games – like “Among Us” and “Fall Guys” – are watched by innumerable fans and players from everywhere.

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