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Download Among Us for PC Windows 1

It’s time to download and play Among Us on your personal computer for free! Millions of the game’s fans can currently watch their favorite players stream “Among Us” on some of the most popular apps and platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. The constant streaming of the game by both professional gamers and enthusiastic fans – plus taking benefit from the worldwide lockdown – helped the gaming title reach new heights and become one of the best games of the year!


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The interesting thing is that there is a bundle of game’s fans who are not professional players including singers, rappers, politicians, comedians and chess players who managed to bring about new fans from other genres to this rising gaming title. For example the well-known rapper Logic – Sir Robert Bryson Hall II – is one of the famous figures who signed a contract with Twitch and introduced his rapping fans to yet another exciting platform through which they can interact with the star which is “Among Us“! Logic streams “Among Us” often enough and he has also tried other gaming titles such as Fortnite, Call of Duty and Fall Guys amongst others. He was part of one of the biggest streaming of “Among Us” recently and his Twitch has more than 300,000 views generated from that event solely.

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Vidit Gujarathi is yet another notorious figure who helped “Among Us” attract even more Indian fans and players; he’s an Indian chess mastermind and a world champion. His “Among Us” streams are very popular among the Indian audiences and he intrigues millions of viewers on YouTube helping to further popularize the game. His YouTube channel has more than 100,000 subscribers and his gaming content is very diverse. The Indian chess mastermind is only 25 years old and his online streams revolve around not only games but also psychology, chess variants, learning comedy and counter-strike amongst others. Plus Vidit Gujarathi shows interest in multiple gaming titles and not only “Among Us”; he has streamed other games as well such as Fall Guys.

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