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Download Among Us for iPhone 1

Now you can download Among Us game for your iPhone smartphone. The last few weeks brought about a sudden attention and popularity to the gaming title Among Us which saw a rapid increase in its number of gamers lately.

Millions of new players and gaming fans started flooding the gaming world of Among Us to test out its features, maps, skins and tasks. In the game the player gets to be either a teammate or an imposter; and no matter what character he ends up becoming, the player should accomplish a couple of things in order to win.


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The features of the characters are customizable and the player gets to pick up – or change – the name, skin, pet, or hat along with other features. When the game starts, the teammates should work together in an attempt to finish roaming the map whilst looking tasks to complete; plus they should avoid any possible imposter, who is picked randomly before the beginning of the game.

The Among Us gaming experience brings the player some intense and unexpected atmosphere; and with the recent attention given to the game, there actually might be another, new gaming sequel in the making! When the game starts, the players in one team work with each other to try and finish the game’s tasks – on a spaceship or headquarters building for example – as soon as possible. For imposters they are chosen at random and they should act cunningly to sabotage tasks or kill as many team members as they can. And when the team happens to find a dead corpse, they must all figure out who did it and who the imposter may be.

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