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Now you can download Among Us for Android apk smartphones and tablets for free. The rising game Among Us has been occupying the scene over the past few weeks as the gaming title is attracting millions of new fans and gamers from all over the world due to its interesting atmosphere and relatively new gaming features.

The multi-players game is quickly and surely increasing the number of its fans; it offers somehow similar gaming features to other gaming titles but its characters bring about an intense experience. Among Us made its first debut back in 2018 but this year it has been explored deeper and its features experimented with more and more.

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Play locally with 5-10 players. on your android devices (Video Review)


In the game you get to be either a crewmember or an imposter; and whatever character you choose you should exert lots of effort to become the best in the gaming session. The members of the crew must work together in order to finish the tasks of the gaming map and also they must make sure they survive til the end against the unexpected attacks and traps of the imposter/s.

Being the imposter in Among Us is so much fun and one of the elements that helped popularize the game this year. But the reality is that the player can’t actually choose to be the imposter in the gaming session, simply because imposters are picked randomly. And even though you can’t get to decide from the beginning whether you’re an imposter or a crewmember, it’s super exciting to play the game as any one of the two.

The crewmember has to survive and complete the tasks til the end; and the imposter has to kill as many crewmembers as possible to win! Plus choosing imposters randomly makes it harder for others to identify the true imposter easily and thus adding to the intense atmosphere of the game.

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