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Do you want to play with your Among Us American game studio INNERSLOTH developed an online game which was initially released in June 2018. The name of this game is Among Us. The game has been set in a space themed environment.


Game of the Year

This year is surely one of the best years for online games and gaming platforms since millions of people from every country in the world have resorted to online entertaining platforms and gaming services in order to kill time during the long quarantine period. Recently the two year old gaming title Among Us started to gain an increasingly accelerating popularity and attention from the gaming fans and enthusiasts out there. Among Us is basically an adventurous and socializing game that brings people together; the player can either be the good guy or the bad guy! This rising game is somehow similar to Mafia or Werewolf where the incidents within the gaming experience can get heated and unexpected. The gaming session includes ten gamers who collaborate together in an attempt to complete the tasks and finish roaming the map. But as an Among Us player you have to be careful as some of the other players my not be what you expected – imposters!

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The fun aspect about Among Us is that you’re allowed to be either a hero or a villain – in a way! Imposters in the game are not visible instantly, instead you should be extra attentive to them because their sole goal is killing you and everyone else. When you happen to find a body in the game, you must vote with the others on who the imposter is! Hence Among Us is an interesting deduction game that forces you to keep your eyes open. The combination of the simplicity of gaming steps and the complexity of characters makes Among Us one of the top games of the year. Plus the different maps, tasks, gaming settings – and characters – add to the unique atmosphere of the game.

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In addition Among Us allows the gamer to join and then host games easily with lots of customizable features to make the gaming session even more interesting. As a starting gamer, you may want to first check the game in its recommended settings and then manipulate your way through the other features to create your own gaming experience. The main exciting element of Among Us is of course the complexity of the gaming characters and who is who! You can be either the best crewmember or the best imposter – as you wish! To become the best crewmember you’ll have to focus on the completion of the tasks along with other things. You have to be as active as possible in order to be visible; run through the gaming map and work better on completing each task. When you’re noticeably working on finishing the tasks, it’s less likely to consider you as an imposter by others. But if you want to be the best imposter, you’ll have to be cunning and malicious by trying to kill as many of the crew as possible – and you are 100% lucky if you can end them all with one, single striking tactic! Among Us is indeed one unexpected rising name in the gaming world that you should check out right away.

How to play Among Us – Ultimate Guide

Among Us actually released in the year 2018 but become extremely popular in last few months. So the users and fans has spurred number of questions about game and exactly whats the purpose of Among us.

At first, playing this game might seems complex. But basic structure of game is very simple and is easy to understand. Simply there’s two groups of players, one is Crewmate and other is Imposter. You can adopt either of these two, 1 to 3 imposter in game. Which rise the stakes to play in exponential way. The major difference between this and other games of this class is that you are not able to talk in the main phase of the game. After finding out the dead bodies and emergency meeting is held, you can discuss to find the imposter. Other than that there’s tension and anxiety spread during main game forcing the players to compete their tasks in silence.

Crewmate & Imposter

You can play as Crewmate, throughout the game Crewmate is trying find out the imposter along with the completion of number of tasks.

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His goal is to accomplished the task or to find out imposter and then eradicate him from the game. He should report all the dead bodies and even if he is killed by imposter still he’ll able to complete the assign task and helps his fellows.  He should look around to find unfamiliar activity by paying careful attention on others, collect evidence and proofs and catch the imposter.

You can also play as impostor, by pretending to fulfill various tasks also taking out the crewmates. If there’s many imposters they can work with each other to take the crew out faster than before. Imposters can use Sabotage menu. They are able to overheat reactors, switch off the lights, spoil base oxygen levels. If any crewmate know about imposter, he can vote him out by calling emergency meeting.

Good Impostor is the one who gain experience by practice again and again also by skill, he must have ability to lie well. He always try to put the crew out and not leaving any evidence against them.

Types of players

Different types of players are present in Among us with are listed below.

  1. Let’s begins from “The coward” who want to stay alone, dislikes the follower and electrical room as well.
  2. The Impostor”, wandering there and can kill crew members.
  3. The Meeting Caller” arrange meetings and blames random persons without any reason.
  4. The Unlucky” is the one who gets murder immediately after interaction with imposter vent. Player who guilt people for going in his room, calls so much meetings. He hates followers.
  5. The follower” move behind peoples, gives them protection. He dislikes coward and skeptic .
  6. Family Player” love to play with family and companion, always gets exhausted when anyone of them is killed.
  7. The Amateur” isn’t a good player, murderd in a space with other people.
  8. Who???” Man, always ask the about “who?” again and again. Although the question is never answered.
  9. The Sore Lost player” forgot just before its ejection.
  10. Shy Person” doesn’t chat in throughout the game and is blamed more often. He dislikes Skeptic. The Detective: find out the real murderer by utilizing evidence and proof. Usually gets out of round before making any points.
  11. The Detective” explore the one who does it with evidence and reason. Usually gets eliminated before any finding.
  12. The Blamer” usually does task unless they’re accountable. if they get blamed, he blames the one make them guilty at last.
  13. The Annoying Guy”, A scammer. He start making randomly calls meetings from lobby and votes randomly.
  14. The Aggressor”, Play the game wildly and wants to become impostor by any means. Friends of Blamer and dislikes everyone.
  15. The Ban Master” love to ban others only for fun. He allows only his companions to enter. Don’t vote them otherwise you’ll get ban. He dislikes everyone except his friends.
  16. The Victim” mostly gets murdered at the start of the game in cruel ways. “The Blind Truster” he believes everyone, even trust the Imposter.
  17. And the last player is “The youtuber”, who always say greetings . Also he Keeps asking everyone to choose the same hat before the game starts.

Famous Twitch Players

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Check out the top Among Us players around the world:

  1. Ninja
  2. Sodapoppin
  3. Felix Lengyel
  4. Titman
  5. Pokimane

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