Customize your Among Us character Easily

Customize your Among Us character Easily 1

The past few weeks witnessed a rapid growth in the number of fans and gamers of the rising game Among Us that’s been around for two years – debuted in 2018. And despite that Among Us is two years old, a lot of players are just starting to pay more attention to the game and its features. The game offers multiple elements and gaming options including different characters, tasks, maps, settings and more.

Among Us Characters

The main characters in the game are the players themselves who are either teammates or imposters. The teammates work together in an attempt to complete the tasks sooner than expected; they also should strive to stay alive and away from any possible imposter til the game ends. The game’s characters are customizable and the user can change some features of his gaming character easily via the menu of customization options available. He can for example change the character’s name, skin, color, hats or pets.

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The imposter/s in the game are in fact chosen randomly, which consequently adds to the suspense of the gaming session. All of game’s characters engage with the surrounding areas and interact with other teammates – such as engaging in a murder or reporting a dead body found in the game. But keep in mind that you can’t choose the same features chosen by another player in Among Us.


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